About us

We have built our family dream to shape the perfect home for your family

In addition to a sustainable, gorgeous and healthy home in which to grow and develop harmoniously, our family has also built the Farkas Construct business, which today, helps modern families build their dream of a perfect life. The construction of wooden houses is what defines our activity. In the products and services we offer, we have kept the tradition of the timber beam houses of the Szeklerland, but we have added the familiar element of today, namely technology.

Our customers enjoy aesthetically pleasing, qualitative and energy-friendly constructions in tune with today’s requirements.

terase din lemn
terase din lemn



It is more than a house, we build your family’s dream

Our services and products meet all your needs for a complete home

Do you have a vision of the perfect home and want to shape it together?




Why work with us?

In addition to our 40 years experience in this field, here are some other benefits that will convince you to work with us.

Green Building

We think about the good of the family, but also the good of the environment around us. So wooden houses have the smallest CO2 footprint available today, while taking care that nature is as little affected as possible.


We know that time is a precious component of every family's life, so we work with prefabricated elements, which help us to build quickly and accurately, without compromising on the quality we invest in.


The house of our dreams is different from the house of your dreams, and this is natural and applicable to each individual family. Your vision is important to us, so together with our building expertise, we will build the perfect home for you.

Modern approach

A family needs an optimal environment to grow and develop harmoniously, and wooden houses provide a safe and healthy living space for young and old alike.


We have 40 years' experience in the industry and a portfolio to recommend us. Mutual trust is an element we rely on in every collaboration, so in the end, we are happy to see each family's dream come true.


Both in terms of time and construction costs, both of which our team will make the most of. So, within just a few months of starting construction, you'll be enjoying your turnkey home, delivered on time.

A collaboration in 5 easy steps:

We keep it simple for our clients, because we know how precious time is. We sign the necessary paperwork for execution, and the rest is up to us, so that at the end you can enjoy the home of your dreams without any trace of stress.

Signing the execution
Making the project elements
in the workroom
Transport to the site and
assembly of the house
Realization of the roofing
Fitting of joinery,
wall cladding